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Starting a lawn maintenance or landscaping business can be quote quite a significant journey to commence. In this article, we will focus on starting a landscape business and some practical startup and financing solutions that might be available to assist with that.
A landscaping business can mean some significant freedoms in relation to your spare time. You can work at a pace that suits you (if money isn’t your motivation) and enjoy the health benefits of being outside in the fresh air and staying fit.

The price of all this freedom and startup costs for a landscaping business is relatively low-so low, in fact, that many landscapers use their personal credit cards or small personal loans to fund their new businesses. Once the tools and vehicles are purchased initially, that’s generally all you will need to begin building your business.

There are a number of ways to enter the lawn and landscaping industry. The basic types of lawn and landscaping businesses include:

• Lawn mowing/maintenance
• Sod installation/hydroseeding
• Weeding or fertilizer and/or pest control application
• Landscape care/maintenance services
• Landscape design/contracting services
• Landscape architecture services

In our experience, whilst the startup costs can be low, it still pays to seek some advice from an accredited vehicle finance broker or a business adviser. This can help get you some access to funds you may not have otherwise had and can help you get the start that you need for a successful business. We recommend Komrade Truck Finance for a down to earth broker who is all to familiar in the startup costs of Landscapers. Jimmy will help you out here and it’s worth an initial chat with him.

While you have many choices when creating your new landscaping business, the issue of pricing can often be a difficult one and based on our experience, we provide the following information:

Pricing Jobs
Whether you’re providing a simple service like pruning bushes or you’re installing an elaborate three-level deck, it is common for a customer to expect a quote or price upfront. Therefore, you will need to develop good estimating skills right from the start. It will be essential to get this right or you risk minimal to no profit at the end of a hard week if you have mis-judged.

There are a number of software programs developed specifically for landscapers that you can use to help you make good estimates. If you are going to do a manual estimate though, you will need to have a good system in place for pricing the jobs.

The overall goal is to determine what your costs will be and then add in a profit. Your costs should include everything from materials to labour. equipment and your general business overheads. Understanding what these are and coming up with standard pricings is essential in successfully pricing a job.

Landscaping professionals recommend coming up with an hourly rate, both for yourself and any employees but that cost is something you will know as the business owner and use that to underpin your pricing of the jobs.

Of course, in the end it doesn’t matter how you arrive at your rate as long as you make enough money to meet your business operating costs so when you figure out your rate, think about how much you need to pay the business bills and cover your personal expenses. We strongly recommend talking to a finance broker (who are often specialists in assisting with new business cashflow) and start off on the right foot for your Landscape business.

To your success!

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